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Sarah Galbreth: Creating Healthier Lives
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I have always strived to live a healthier life for as long as I can remember. After my father passed away in 2002, I began reading a lot about health and wellness and alternative ways to prevent illnesses. I was in great health, but I knew by diet and exercise alone, my body was not getting the proper nutrients it needed, especially since I just had a baby and I wanted her to get the best of the best. After hearing about Shaklee, I spent countless hours researching their products and came to find out it was unlike anything else out in the market. Clinical studies have shown Shaklee users have better overall health than those who use other supplements or no supplements at all. As I started taking Shaklee's supplements, I found my health improve in several areas. I felt like a whole new person.
One of my favorite product lines that Shaklee offers is their cleaning line. As a mommy I strive to keep a clean home for my husband and daughter. With the daily uses of lysol and bleach, I couldn't help but notice my chest get tight and have headaches here and there. I can only imagine the effects it had on the rest of my body. Because of my daughter I started thinking more about what cleaning products I was spreading around the home. I began trying the All Purpose H2 cleaner and fell in love. Immediately I noticed the cleaner had no scent nor did it make me feel sick after using it. I didn't have to worry about my daughter touching or breathing in anything harmful while I cleaned. I also love that the bottle is super concentrated, so it lasts a long time and is very cost-effective! In addition, the product works wonderfully and does not harm the environment. I also began to think about my laundry detergent and how that could be harmful as well. Babies tend to stain clothing a lot and I hated the thought of putting harmful chemicals that have been linked to serious medical issues all over her clothes, only to have her delicate skin wear them all day long. Not to mention the fact the detergent you use can be traced in your bloodstream. Shaklee's laundry detergent and Natures Bright stain remover was the answer to all of my laundry concerns. I feel confident using Shaklee's products to improve my families overall health, and I hope you can try some of their products as well.